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[Funiculaire du pic du Jer]
[Golf de Lourdes]
[Golf de Lourdes]
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Cultural sites

SANCTUARIES: Immaculate Conception basilica, Saint Pius X basilica, Saint Bernadette church, appearances caves, Basilica our lady of Rosary, The crypt, Swimming pools of Lourdes’s sanctuaries, The way of cross…

Le sanctuaire

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BERNADETTE: The prison, Mill of Boly (birthplace), Santa Bernadette museum, Lacade Mill (father’s house of Bernadette), The curent Parish Church,...

Bernadette Soubirou

MUSEUMS: Fortress and Pyrenean museum, Wax Museum of Lourdes, Museum of “little Lourdes”, Museum of nativity with animated santons, Museum of Lourdes, Center of distribution of medals, Christhi Museum, Gemmail Museum, …

Le chateau fort de Lourdes

OTHERS CULTURAL SITES OF LOURDES: Les halles, The Gavarnie’s Tower, Fountains , conference hall and his public garden, a little touristic train, the old magistrate court, the war memorial…

Les halles

Natural sites and sports

AMAZING NATURE: Funicular of Jer peak, Lourdes wood and lake…

Le funiculaire du pic de Jerc

TREKKING AND WALKING: Lake of Lourdes, « la voie verte des gaves », GR 101 and 78, Lourdes’s wood (possibility of horse riding).

OTHERS: Tennis, swimming pool, golf…

Le golf de Lourdes
Le golf de Lourdes

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